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Eligibility for the L-2 EAD

What is the L-2 EAD?

The L-2 EAD is a work permit that allows L-2 visa holders to legally work in the U.S.

How do I apply for the L-2 EAD?

L-2 Visa Holders can apply for the EAD by filing USCIS Form I-765 along with the required supporting documents with the correct USCIS lockbox mailing address.

How long is the L-2 EAD valid?

The L-2 EAD is valid for two years. But you can renew it indefinitely as long as your L-2 visa remains valid.
As an L2 spouse planning to work in the USA, you can apply for the EAD immediately you arrive in the country. Do not wait until you receive job offers to avoid a last-minute rush.

Can I work with a pending renewal L2 EAD?

Unfortunately, an L2 EAD holder does not qualify for the 180 days automatic authorization for a pending renewal. This is only granted to a few categories that do not require underlying status adjudication.

Can a L-2 holder obtain a SSN without an EAD?

An L-2 holder might be able to be issued with an SSN without an EAD. But according to USCIS regulations, the L-2 visa holder must obtain an EAD to work. The company will need to see the EAD to ensure that you are legally authorized to work in the US.

Can I travel outside US while my L2 EAD is pending?

You are allowed to travel outside the USA even if your L2 EAD application is in process. But you need to make plans to travel back to submit your biometrics.

What is the difference between the L-2 and the L-1 visa?

The L1 visa was introduced to allow multinational companies to transfer managers with advanced or specialized knowledge to the USA. The visa has been extended to facilitate startups and small business companies to expand their services to the US. The L1 visa is further categorized into L1A and L1B. The L1A (Executives and managers) is valid for seven years and can be extended, while L1B (Specialized Mangers) operates for five years.

The L2 visa is issued to the immediate L1 family members (spouse and children under 21). Only the spouses and children qualify to get the L2 visa. The parents of the L1 visa are not eligible. They can only attain a visitor visa.

How many times can my EAD be renewed?

You can renew the EAD as many times as you wish; there is no limit as long as your L-2 status is valid.

Can the L2 EAD get rejected?

USCIS can reject both the L-2 visa and EAD if the L-1 has expired. Your spouse needs to be approved for an L-1 extension for your L-2 visa and EAD to get approved.’

When do I get the Social Security Card for my L-2 EAD?

After obtaining your EAD, if you don’t already have one you’ll want to get a social security number (SSN) from your local Social Security Office. Present your EAD card, other supporting documents and a completed Form SS-5 at your nearest Social Security Administration office. An SSN is one of the important documents you’ll need to start working and get paid legally in the U.S.

Do I need a job offer in order to apply for the L-2 EAD?

No, you do not need a job offer to apply for the L-2 EAD.

What kind of jobs can I do with the L-2 EAD?

Any type of employment is allowed once you receive your L-2 EAD.

What documents do I need from my spouse (the L-1 visa holder) in order to apply for my L-2 EAD?

– L-1 I-797 Approval Notice
-Passport Picture Page
– L-1 Visa (if applicable)
– I-94
– 3 most recent paychecks
– Marriage Certificate

What documents do I need from myself in order to apply for my L-2 EAD?

– L-2 I-797 Approval Notice (if applicable)
-Passport Picture Page
– L-2 Visa (if applicable)
– I-94

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Eligibility for the L-2 EAD